Planting vegetables. Harvesting health.

The BayWa Foundation equips schools with vegetable gardens. By planting, cultivating and harvesting vegetables pupils get connected to the meaning of healthy nutrition and farming 

Together with the children the reaped vegetables are prepared and eaten jointly. During the cultivation of the garden, team ability is strengtened and the children learn to take on responsibility.

As well they learn to estimate the value of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Facts & Figures

One third of all 6-14 year-olds do not eat breakfast before school and only every second student has a snack. Malnutrition is a possible cause of poor concentration, fatigue, and poor performance in school.

40% of all children consider “Milchschnitte” and French Fries to be important food. Every 5th child also appreciates sweet drinks and hamburgers as “food for staying healthy.”

Students planting a garden (German only)

School garden openings 2015


School garden openings 2014


School garden openings 2013