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Giving something back and making a difference to others – this was the motivation that lead BayWa AG to set up the BayWa Foundation in 1998. Since then, the foundation has been involved in educational projects in the fields of healthy nutrition and renewable energy, both locally and around the world. Thanks to the support of BayWa AG and numerous sponsors, more than 60 projects have now been implemented. The BayWa Foundation is committed to promoting knowledge, teaching about healthy nutrition and making renewable energy understandable. By pursuing these objectives, the foundation is able to give something back and help others.

BayWa Foundation Projects

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Our projects in Germany

In Germany, the BayWa Foundation supports numerous projects in the areas of healthy nutrition, education and renewable energy. For example by creating school gardens, giving away the text and activity book entitled “Der Ernährungskompass” (Nutritional Compass) and awarding scholarships.

Some ongoing projects:

Our projects in Tanzania

Biogas in Tanzania (ongoing)

In cooperation with the German Engineers Without Borders organization, the BayWa Foundation began building biogas plants in 2009. The approach to the project is holistic and the benefits are far-reaching: the environment is protected, people's health is protected by avoiding smoke pollution and jobs are created. The biogas substrate is also used as a fertilizer and improves soil fertility, which in turn increases the region's crop yields.

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Teaching materials and a laboratory for Chonyonyo Secondary Girls' School (completed)

The Chonyonyo Secondary Girls' School in Kagera, Tanzania, could not have opened without an adequate learning laboratory for the schoolgirls. For this reason, the BayWa Foundation supported the school and provided the funds for the construction of a school laboratory and some teaching materials. As part of the BayWa Foundation's biogas project in Tanzania, the school also received a biogas plant that will teach them everything they need to know in their laboratory.

Construction of a boarding school building in Tanzania (completed)

Together with the Missionary Benedictines of the Münsterschwarzach Abbey, the BayWa Foundation supported an aid project in Mvimwa, Tanzania: new accommodation was built there for 50 pupils.

Our project in Sri Lanka

Education in Sri Lanka (completed)

The BayWa Foundation supported the expansion of the Samanaleya school in Sri Lanka and thus created space for about 200 more students.

Our projects in Thailand

Support for school refurbishment projects (completed)

The BayWa Foundation supported the refurbishment of the Baan Nongsanow School, of the Wat Ladsing School and of three more schools in Thailand.

Construction of a boarding school building (completed)

Together with the Missionary Benedictines of the Münsterschwarzach Abbey, the BayWa Foundation supported an aid project in Mvimwa, Tanzania: new accommodation was built there for 50 pupils.

Our project in Mozambique

Installation of a small irrigation system (completed)

The BayWa Foundation had a small irrigation system installed for teaching and research activities at the agricultural faculty of the Universidade Católica de Moçambique in Cuamba. The system is connected to a photovoltaic plant and is thus operated with renewable energy.

Our project in New Zealand

A scholarship in New Zealand

The BayWa Foundation awards a scholarship for a postgraduate student studying agriculture, horticulture and fruit growing in New Zealand.

Our project in Zambia

Support for vocational training in Zambia

In the SOS Children's Village in Lusaka, the BayWa Foundation enables young mothers in distress to access training, while providing comprehensive care for their children during and after the training.

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Our project in South Africa

Go for Gold - Education for Employment

Education against poverty: The BayWa Foundation supports the “Go for Gold – Education to Employment” programme in South Africa. South African pupils are assisted during and after school hours by a mentor who prepares them for the successful completion of their studies.

Our projects in Romania

Adventure farm in the Romanian village of Radeln (completed)

In cooperation with the Peter Maffay Foundation, the BayWa Foundation opened an adventure farm in the Romanian village of Radeln. Traumatised children are helped there through recreation in nature and contact with animals.

Our projects in Malawi

Seed propagation in Malawi (completed)

Heavy rainfall destroyed much of the corn crop in the 2003/2004 agricultural season. As a result, the country suffered from hunger because corn is the staple food of the Malawians. Alternative crops had to be produced: The BayWa Foundation, together with World Vision Malawi, therefore trained 130 farmers to become seed propagators for sorghum, millet, sweet potatoes and manioc.

Irrigation with help of solar powered pumps (completed)

The Nutrition Compass

The Nutrition Compass

The activity book “The Nutrition Compass” teaches primary school pupils about the colourful world of healthy Nutrition.

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School garden project

School garden project

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