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The BayWa Foundation at a Glance

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The BayWa Foundation has been committed to healthy nutrition and renewable energy for over 20 years.

Get to know the BayWa Foundation:

The BayWa Foundation promotes education!

Education is the key to the future - this is not just a phrase, it is the only true strategy for helping people in the long term. This is why education is always at the centre of all projects of the BayWa Foundation.

Since 1998, the BayWa Foundation has been supporting educational projects for healthy nutrition and renewable energy. More than 60 projects have already had a sustainable impact at home and abroad.

The BayWa Foundation was founded by BayWa AG: The Foundation is the company's answer to urgent questions of the future and a commitment to people. What is special about the BayWa Foundation: BayWa AG bears the administrative costs of the Foundation and doubles every donation. Thus, 200 % of the donations flow directly into the projects.


Foundation Purpose

Foundation for Education

Education is the linchpin of all projects of the BayWa Foundation. They support children, young people as well as adults and thus give them long-term opportunities for a self-determined life. The BayWa Foundation implements this, for instance, through nutritional education and the promotion of environmental awareness for children in Germany, or by helping them to help themselves in the international arena.

Board of the BayWa Foundation

  • Prof. Klaus-Josef Lutz

    Chief Executive Officer of BayWa AG and the BayWa Foundation

    “For BayWa, our strength is firmly connected with our voluntary social commitment. The BayWa Foundation supports over 20 sustainable education projects in the areas of healthy nutrition and renewable energy. This allows the BayWa Group to provide answers to the pressing issues of the present and shape the future for future generations.”

  • Andreas Helber

    Chief Financial Officer of BayWa AG and Deputy Chairman of the BayWa Foundation

    “Every donation is valuable and flows directly into the projects. Because, the special feature of the BayWa Foundation is that BayWa AG takes over all administrative costs and also doubles every amount donated. Every donation counts.”

  • Jenny Levié

    Head of Corporate Communications at BayWa AG and Member of the Board of the BayWa Foundation

    "The BayWa Foundation brings together important participants: BayWa and its employees, partners and, last but not least, the general public. With one goal: to inspire children and young people through educational work. In this way, a better future can be created for the next generation in the long term."

Managing Director of the BayWa Foundation

Maria Thon

" 'Many little people doing many little things in many little places can change the face of the world.' A Tanzanian proverb that uses simple language to describe a great hope. Thanks to your support, children are gaining practical knowledge about healthy nutrition and renewable energy, students are receiving financial and moral support, women in developing countries are receiving education opportunities and traumatised young people are receiving the help and warmth that they need to shape their future.”

The BayWa Foundation Team


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