Our motivation

The BayWa Foundation is a public foundation under civil law, headquartered in Munich. The purpose of the foundation is to promote science and research, education and training. It therefore pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes.

The BayWa Foundation provides valuable help by implementing sustainable educational projects in the fields of healthy nutrition and renewable energy in Germany and abroad. The aim is to convey knowledge and promote education in order to improve people's quality of life in the long term.
The special feature of the BayWa Foundation is:

• 200% of all donations flow straight into foundation projects as BayWa AG takes over the administrative costs and doubles every amount donated.



The purpose of the foundation

In keeping with its purpose, the BayWa Foundation’s funding priorities are in the fields of nutrition and renewable energy.



The BayWa Foundation enables numerous people in disadvantaged regions to gain access to education. In addition, it supports the exchange of ideas and experiences between science and industry.



The BayWa Foundation is committed to promoting a healthy and balanced diet. The focus is on helping people to help themselves in the long term.



The BayWa Foundation supports ecologically responsible use of global energy resources. Expert technical education and imparting hands-on know-how are our main priorities.


The BayWa Foundation was founded in 1998 by BayWa AG on the occasion of its 75-year-anniversary. The BayWa Group is a European trading and service company with subsidiaries, shareholdings and co-operations at home and abroad.

Due to its cooperative origin and the nature of its activities, BayWa bears social and environmental responsibility.

The BayWa Foundation pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes.



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