Promoting sustainable commitment

Campus for Change is a Munich-based student initiative that is committed to social projects worldwide. Maria Thon, Managing Director of the BayWa Foundation, supports the students as an advisor: “The students involved in Campus for Change show a great deal of initiative. Their commitment has already paved the way for numerous international aid projects and significantly improved the situation of many people.” With her know-how and the BayWa Foundation's network, she advises the students on the planning of many projects. The BayWa Foundation also provides financial support for their implementation.

Joint projects are also being developed as part of their long-term cooperation. In the nutrition education project, Campus for Change is working with the BayWa Foundation's Nutrition Compass. The students are using a special textbook that presents nutritional knowledge in a completely different way to show primary school pupils how a healthy way of life works.

Besides supporting social projects, the Campus for Change association also offers students a creative platform to realise projects and to make a difference together. “Its members actively assume responsibility, stand up for social issues and act as role models for others”, says Maria Thon.



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