Integration for refugees

They come from war and destruction to us to Germany. Refugees seeking refuge in our country must be helped through integrative measures. For this reason, the BayWa Foundation supported various educational activities for a successful integration of the refugees:


A roof over their heads:

BayWa AG, via the BayWa Foundation, provided the government of Lower Franconia with a vacant company building in Hammelburg (district of Kissingen) rent-free for the accommodation of refugees. In the former BayWa building technology outlet in Georg-Schäfer-Strasse, it was possible to accommodate up to 300 refugees on around 1,500 square metres. "We want to provide support to accommodate people who seek shelter in our country," says Klaus Josef Lutz, Chief Executive Officer of BayWa AG.

Language and integration courses

The BayWa Foundation also sponsored a language course for the refugees on site. "The aim is to not only teach the children and youths German, but also our culture and social valuesand goals in order to facilitate their integration," says Maria Thon, Managing Director of the BayWa Foundation. The refugees were given German lessons directly after their arrival in Hammelburg to better integrate themselves in the country right from the start. The BayWa Foundation also supported educational projects for refugees in Munich.

Making them fit for the job market

In order to prepare young refugees for the German job market, the BayWa Foundation supports the project "Fit for the job market". Freundeskreis Krankenhaus Agatharied e.V. (friends of the Agatharied hospital registered association) is engaged in this project for the integration of refugees. Here, young refugees obtain professional knowledge and learn technical terms and the necessary social skills for the German job market. 

Transitional classes

To make it easier for refugee children to enter mainstream education, they are placed in transitional classes in order to reduce language barriers. The BayWa Foundation supports such transitional classes at primary schools in Munich.

"Planting vegetables - promoting integration" - an activity day with two families from Syria

Turnip cabbage, cabbage and red cabbage - when refugee families come to Germany they are usually unfamiliar with typical German vegetables. Conversely, the Syrian food culture is also foreign to Germans. BayWa Foundation closed the knowledge gaps on both sides by holding an activity day: Together with two young Syrian refugee families from Tuntenhausen (district of Rosenheim), they planted a garden and cooked typical German and Syrian dishes.
The families were given insights into the regional fruit and vegetable world of Bavarian agriculture.  During the joint construction of three raised beds, craftsmanship was demonstrated and the entire family was involved in the new "vegetable garden" task. Planting the vegetable garden was real team work for the children, parents and helpers. A friend of the family summed up the activity day in descriptive words indicating how a functional integration process can work: "I think we have managed to build many small bridges between people today - that's what matters!"

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