Forming networks - The BayWa Foundation on BiNET, SoNET and Wertebündnis Bavaria

The BayWa Foundation is part of the Bildungsnetzwerk München (Munich education network). Together with 13 educational foundations and other partners, the BayWa Foundation is committed to promoting education in Munich. The BiNet Munich wants to network and mediate to help ensure that needs are recognised at an early stage and the best solution can be found cooperatively. In addition, BiNet actively shapes the social discourse on education and takes a position. "Education is the driver of the future," explains Maria Thon, Managing Director of the BayWa Foundation. "In the education network, we promote joint projects that advance education in the state capital."


Soziales Netzwerk München (Munich social network) is a network for foundations and groups that deal with social matters in Munich. The BayWa Foundation is part of this network in order to utilise synergies, to create solutions and thus create added value for all concerned. The SoNet brings together a wide variety of urban society stakeholders to work together for the well-being of the city and its inhabitants.

Under the slogan „Together for children, youth and young adults" and with seven joint projects in Bavaria the Wertebündnis Bavaria makes an important contribution to support the value orientation and education of young people. Since 2014 the BayWa Foundation has been a project partner of the Wertebündnis Bavaria. Together with further partners they develop sustainable ideas and strategies for future projects.

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