Vocational training for Zambian mothers

The BayWa Foundation's current educational project has been developed jointly with “SOS Children's Villages worldwide” in Zambia, Africa. The rate of child marriages is above average here. More than 40% of girls are married before their 18th birthday. Many of them already have children in their teens, have to drop out of school or have not completed vocational training. If they cannot count on the support of their husband or family, they usually find themselves facing severe hardship.

Education against childhood suffering


The BayWa Foundation helps by providing practical vocational training at the SOS Vocational Training Centre in Lusaka. In addition to this training, support includes special courses for becoming self-reliant in the future, literacy courses and child supervision both inside and outside school during the further education measures. The young women should be enabled to earn a living for themselves and their children and to lead a self-determined life. They will also be given rapid access to education and health care. In addition to vocational subjects, the lessons also cover general topics such as human rights, disability, HIV/Aids and gender equality.

Enabling full concentration

During the training period, the children of the young mothers are cared for by educators in the SOS Children's Village Lusaka. They are in good hands and their mothers can concentrate fully on their training. Even after completing their training, they can continue to place the children in care so that they can pursue their profession and independently provide for the family.

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