Knowledge that bears fruit

The BayWa Foundation attaches particular importance to healthy nutrition. This is because the number of overweight children has increased by 50% in the past 30 years, while the number of obese children has even doubled.* These facts are alarming and make it all the more important to set an example when it comes to healthy eating and to teach them about a balanced diet.

Where does our food come from? How can it be prepared? And what does healthy eating actually mean? The BayWa Foundation provides children and young people with answers to these questions through its educational projects on healthy nutrition.

*According to a KiGGs study by the Robert Koch Institute in 2013


Planting vegetables. Harvesting health.

Our vegetables grow in the soil, not in the supermarket, and our bodies need a balanced diet to stay healthy – that's child's play, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it is not. Many children no longer know where their food comes from or how it is grown and why healthy nutrition is essential. As a consequence, malnutrition is on the rise and is a possible cause of fatigue, a lack of concentration and poor performance at school. The wrong diet can also lead to long-term health damage and social problems.

The BayWa Foundation supports and initiates sustainable education projects that help to improve the nutritional situation of children and make them fit for the future. In doing so, the foundation takes a holistic approach.



Nutrition compass

The textbook and activity book “The Nutrition Compass” teaches primary school pupils about the world of nutrients and what the body needs for a healthy diet. The workbook can be integrated into everyday school life.

The school garden

The school garden project gives children the chance to experience how vegetables are planted, cultivated and prepared to make healthy meals for everyday school life. Planting and harvesting together trains social skills such as responsibility and team spirit.

In the kitchen

Taste, smell, try: Together with food educationists the children are cooking and eating healthy snacks of their fruits and vegetables of their school garden. This strengthens the sense of community and the solidarity between the children.

The “Essen+Wissen” app

The “Essen+Wissen” app supports parents in teaching about nutrition. Nutritional knowledge, recipes, tips on gardening and exercise can be integrated into the family’s day and are fun for young and old alike. The app is available free of charge.

Further supported projects:

Obergrashof environmental station

The BayWa Foundation has been supporting the Obergrashof farm since 2002. By making trips to Obergrashof, children and youngsters get acquainted with the importance of balanced nutrition through agriculture and actively experience it through their own participation.

Cultural Centre for Livery
Cultural Centre for Livery

18 children created a traditional cottage garden at the cultural centre for livery in Holzhausen. This does not only represent real tradition and the desire for regional nature but also the wish to explain children that a radish has to grow slowly before it can be eaten on bread and butter.

Holzkirchen FarmSchool
Holzkirchen FarmSchool

Meaningful farming – learning to grow vegetables – harvesting yourself: The farming school in Holzkirchen aims to raise the awareness and appreciation of healthy nutrition among children and gives lessons on the organic farm.

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