Nutrition project on course? - An impact assessment by the Technical University of Munich

Do the nutrition knowledge and eating habits of children who look after a school garden change? Yes! This has been found out by the Technical University of Munich in an impact assessment commissioned by the BayWa Foundation. The researchers wanted to find out what effect a school garden has on the health and development of the children.

To do so, they visited schools in autumn 2016 that did not yet have a school garden and made various assessments: What kind of knowledge do the children already have about nutrition, how fit are they and what about their health? In the following year, half of these schools received a school garden from the BayWa Foundation, and then the assessments were carried out again - both at the schools with a school garden and those without a school garden. The comparison is intended to show if and how successful a school garden is for the nutrition education of children.




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