Clean energy for a clean world

We are all responsible for our planet and our environment. The responsible use of energy is absolutely vital in this respect. The BayWa Foundation is thus committed to clean energy both in Germany and internationally.

In Germany, sustainable educational projects for children and young people illustrate the world of renewable energy and show how it can be used effectively. Internationally, the focus is on helping people to help themselves. For example, biogas plants in Tanzania are improving people's lives not only thanks to the clean cooking energy supplied by the plant. The people are also being trained in the field of biogas and new jobs are being created.



New energy on the school yard

A wind turbine has been built on the school yard of the elementary and middle school in Bechhofen. This project was accompanied by the students learning about renewable energy throughout the school year.

Biogas in Tanzania

In cooperation with the German Engineers Without Borders association, the BayWa Foundation has already built 10 biogas plants for training purposes and private households. Another biogas plant was built at a girls' school.

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