Environmental Sponsorship

An Environmental Sponsorship for the Luitpold-Grammar School Munich

Turning rubbish into art: how collecting rubbish raises environmental awareness.

Around 20 tons of waste per month accumulate in the English Garden at the height of summer, including around 4,000 glass bottles per day. Enough is enough, thought the students of Munich's Luitpold Grammar School, and reached for gloves and garbage bags. On a big environmental day, they set an example and collected rubbish in the English Garden under the guidance of the environmental officer of Luitpold Gymnasium, Tobias Nöbauer.

The amount that was collected was more than shocking for the environment: "One cigarette stub pollutes about 40 liters of water, and our group alone has probably found over 200 today," said 13-year-old Joseph. Cigarette butts, bottles, plastic packaging, batteries and all kinds of other rubbish were discovered by the 650 students in the English Garden. "We want to send a message with this action", explained the Environmental Officer Tobias Nöbauer the background of the waste collection campaign.

"The awareness of the young generation is changing. In order for this process to continue, we have to promote environmental education more strongly", says Maria Thon, Managing Director of the BayWa Foundation. This is why the BayWa Foundation supported the waste collection campaign and took over an environmental sponsorship for the Luitpold-Gymnasium. In this way the foundation promotes the environmental education of children and young people in the long term. On the Environment Day itself, the Foundation supported the schoolyard with healthy food, gloves for the waste collection campaign and activities in the schoolyard.

And what do you do with all that garbage? Art! In a creative competition, the pupils of the grammar school show what can be done with all that annoying waste. Collecting rubbish and being creative at the same time should be rewarded: This is why the BayWa Foundation awards a nutrition workshop and a forest experience day as prizes within the framework of the creative competition.

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