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The Forest School of the BayWa Foundation

Children need to relate more to the natural environment of the woods again! This is what the BayWa Foundation has set itself with the educational project "The Forest School". On excursions into the local forest, children learn about nature in a playful way. For active climate protection, every child plants its own tree!

  • Suitable for primary schools and special education support centres
  • Schools can apply for a forest school day
  • For sustainable learning, the BayWa Foundation additionally provides the participating class with the Forest Diary, a colourful booklet with forest knowledge! 
The Forest School is an excellent project in the UN Decade of Biodiversity

Award-winning project in the UN Decade

The Forest School was awarded by the United Nations in the UN Decade of Biodiversity as an exemplary project for Germany! 

Experience biological diversity at the Forest School: Insects, birds, deer, wild boars, plants large and small - the woods are home to a unique biological diversity, which the children can experience first-hand at the Forest School. In interaction with the forest ecosystem, the children also learn how worth protecting the forest and its inhabitants are.

Highlight of the day: The children plant their own tree!

What does the forest need in order to continue to function sustainably in the future?

How can we contribute to a sustainable management of the forest? What effect does the forest have on people? The new project of the BayWa Foundation "The Forest School" offers children the opportunity to spend a day in the forest and discover a lot about the  ecosystem. Accompanied by FörsterLiesl, the children get to know different tree species, experience the forest with all their senses and learn about the animals that live in the forest.

Highlight of the day: Each child plants its own tree! "The Forest School brings the children closer to nature again," Maria Thon, Managing Director of the BayWa Foundation, describes the project idea. "They experience the forest with all their senses and learn from nature. The self-planted tree grows up with the children and gives them a special connection to the forest.

In the forest diary the children get to know tree, forest and animals.

The forest diary in your luggage

In their own forest diary the children document what they have experienced, found and discovered in the forest. The BayWa Foundation has developed the playfully designed knowledge book especially for this purpose. It contains valuable information about the forest and its inhabitants. It is designed for long-term use and, at the same time, it is a support for the teachers in class and the parents at home, as the contents can be continued with the children

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