Scholarship Days of the BayWa Foundation

Scholarship Day 2019

During a visit to the German Hop Museum and the Hop Centre of BayWa AG in the Hallertau the students got to know CEO Klaus-Josef Lutz, the hop business of BayWa and the BayWa Foundation.

Scholarship Day 2018

Networking in the freshly renovated headquarters of BayWa AG and a basketball game of FC Bayern Basketball: That was the scholarship day 2018!

Scholarship Day 2017

In 2017 the students discovered the unique Efficiency House Plus housing estate of BayWa. The houses produce their own energy and are therefore self-sufficient. BayWa's Chief Energy Officer Matthias Taft explained to the students how it works and what else BayWa does in the field of renewable energy.

Scholarship Day 2016

Together, the students explored BayWa's exhibition booth at the 2016 Central Agricultural Festival (ZLF) at the Wiesn site in Munich.

Scholarship Day 2015

Get to know the BayWa and network: This was on the agenda in 2015 with a visit to the interim location of BayWa and the subsequent basketball game of FC Bayern Basketball.