Planting Vegetables. Harvesting Health.

Planting Vegetables. Harvesting health.

Healthy nutrition is particularly close to the heart of the BayWa Foundation. After all, the number of overweight children has risen by 50 percent in the last 30 years, the number of children suffering from obesity has even doubled (KiGGs study, Robert Koch Institute, 2017). These facts are alarming, which makes it even more important to show children a healthy diet and teach them how to eat a balanced diet.

The nutrition education programme of the BayWa Foundation "Planting Vegetables. Harvesting Health." is designed in a holistic way and contributes to improving the nutritional situation of children: in class, in the school garden, in the kitchen and at home.


Study confirms: The nutrition programme of the BayWa Foundation creates more knowledge about nutrition

Study Confirms: The Nutrition Programme of the BayWa Foundation Creates More Knowledge about Nutrition

An impact measurement of the TU Munich investigated the effect of the project "Planting Vegetables. Harvesting Health." on children. It shows: The children who took part in the program know more about fruit and vegetables and actively change their eating habits.

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