School Gardens at Primary Schools

Experience Healthy Nutrition

Planting and harvesting in your school garden

Sowing vegetables, caring for them, harvesting - where do children learn better where food comes from than in their own school garden? There they can dig, plant and finally harvest their own fruit themselves. Since 2013, the BayWa Foundation has been building up school gardens at primary schools in order to promote practical nutrition education for children.

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The BayWa Foundation has already established 180 school gardens at schools. With their own vegetable patch, children learn about the origin of food and how important healthy nutrition is for them.

What Children Learn in their School Garden

As a primary school you will receive a complete garden set from us, with which you can build one or two raised beds, depending on the space available at the school. The raised beds are then set up by the pupils on an action day in spring.

You will receive instructions from us which will accompany you step by step: from planting the seeds to building the raised beds and harvesting the plants. 

Working as a team: planting, caring, harvesting

Once the raised beds have been set up, the children are allowed to plant and sow their own seeds. And there will not only be planting: Parallel to the construction of the raised bed, the children can prepare delicious break and lunch snacks in a nutrition workshop. While cooking and eating together, the children experience that chives and radish breads not only taste good, but also provide healthy energy for a long time to come.

The aim is to show the children the whole cycle from setting up a vegetable patch, to dressing and planting the vegetables, to processing them into a healthy meal. 

No vegetables without care

Throughout the season, the students maintain their school garden independently. Each child is given a task, only as a team can the project succeed. Playfully, they take responsibility in dealing with nature and its resources. They learn interesting facts about the plant and receive valuable tips on cultivation, care and harvesting. While cooking and preparing snacks, they also learn how to prepare tasty and healthy meals from their own vegetables.

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