"The BayWa Foundation's sustainable educational projects show how much can be achieved together. I am very happy to support projects for the benefit of needy people!"

Manfred Nüssel, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at BayWa AG

"I am pleased that the BayWa is appreciative of its cooperative roots and does valuable help for self-help through its foundation. It is a great task to convey education to children and young people and to sharpen the awareness for healthy food. I was able to convince myself at one of the primary schools of the joy with which the girls and boys committed themselves to their own vegetable patch. The great dedication of the foundation's team and the fact that every donation is doubled by the BayWa AG merits high recognition."

Wolfgang Altmüller, Chief Executive Officer of VR meine Raiffeisenbank eG

"With its long-term educational projects on healthy nutrition and the responsible handling of nature and its ressources, the BayWa Foundation takes on social and environmental responsibility for many years. Especially the School Garden Project, which introduces primary school children to nature, and the Nutrition Compass, which invites them to experience healthy nutrition and motion, is a convincing educational project developed by the Foundation. Furthermore, the BayWa Foundation engages in other excellent projects. Such as BIOTOPIA - The Museum of Natural History Bavaria: A learning lab will be opened in 2019 and will inspire Young and Old with programmes, events and small exhibitions about the topics nutrition, sustainability and environmental and life sciences."

Dr. Auguste von Bayern, Chief Exectuive Sponsoring Society Biotopia – The Museum of Natural History Bavaria

"From a tender little plant, seeded 20 years ago, a strong tree arose. Precious projects developed out of its branches. They all strongly stick to the Foundation's goals and create something good in needy territories. I am proud of having been the founding director of this usefull tree - the BayWa Foundation. All the best for the future of the BayWa Foundation!"

Ralf Trager, founding member and former member of the board of the BayWa Foundation

"At times it seems that we live in a world that is cold, selfish,and totally automated. We find more homeless and hungry people than ever. But then there is a company like BayWa that boldly takes on these world problems to try and make a difference! I am personally so honored to be associated with a company that is willing to help those who are unable in many cases to help themselves. I hope our music can be a good representation of the dreams and desires of BayWa Foundation!"

Alfred McCrary, musician

"I was lucky to grow up in a wonderful family. To experience love, respect and thankfullness is what I wish to all children. The BayWa Foundation has a lot of wonderful projects, but also small ones which ensure that kids do have breakfast in the morning. These projects are thoughtfull and touching - the simple things in life can be a great help. The project of the BayWa Foundation, its employees and the volunteers, who support the projects, are a great inspiration to our music. We want to make a difference!"

Natasha Wright, musician

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