The Earth Explorer Project of the BayWa Foundation
The school garden project of the BayWa Foundation
On excursions into the local forest, children learn about nature in the Forest School.
  • The Earth Explorers

    In the interaction of the four elements, the children learn actively, methodically and in relation to everyday life, which alternative energy sources exist, what they are used for and how they are generated.

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  • The School Garden

    Sowing, tending and harvesting vegetables, fruit and herbs themselves. Our school garden project promotes environmental and nutritional awareness in children, as they learn about the cycle of nature through play while growing.

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  • Discover nature: The Forest School

    Children need to relate more to the natural environment of the forest again! In the Forest School, children learn about nature in a playful way. For active climate protection, every child plants its own tree!

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donate for education, healthy nutrition and renewable energies

Give Back – Make a Difference: BayWa Foundation

For 25 years on the road for education for healthy nutrition and renewable energy

In 1998 the BayWa AG established the BayWa Foundation to contribute to society and to help people with education. Since then, the foundation has been involved in educational projects in the fields of healthy nutrition and renewable energy, both locally and around the world.

Donate once, help twice: 200 % of your donation flows into the educational projects of the BayWa Foundation. Because BayWa AG bears the administrative costs of the foundation and doubles every donation.

Thanks to the support of BayWa AG and numerous sponsors, more than 120 projects have now been implemented. The BayWa Foundation is committed to promoting knowledge, teaching about healthy nutrition and making renewable energy understandable. By pursuing these objectives, the foundation is able to give something back and help others.

This is what the BayWa Foundation does:

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The BayWa Foundation promotes educational projects for healthy nutrition and renewable energy.

Healthy nutrition and renewable energies - the BayWa Foundation supports these educational projects.

Our projects in the areas of education, nutrition & energy